Magazine Distribution

Once you have completed the design and production of your magazine, the next major challenge is getting it out to your audience. If you have adopted a process that involves direct distribution rather than third party vendors there are a range of methods this can be done.

Our team of specialist account managers will work with you manage the production and distribution of literature in an efficient manner. They will review your subscription list to ensure copies are not being sent to obsolete records and coordinate the sourcing of your desired packaging, any covering letters and any “dropout” advertising. Our experienced production department will collate leaflets and nest them into your publication. They can then enclose the finished piece into –

• Poly Wrap – large volume solution for transparent film covering
• Poly Bag – low volume solution for transparent film covering where the addressee information is printed onto a carrier sheet
• Window Envelope – used when a personalise covering letter or carrier sheet is included
• Non Window Envelope – used to support the distribution of generic packs where the recipients details are printed directly onto the envelope

If you have a subscription based publication, why not let us handle the payment collection?

Through our close working relationship with a BACS bureau we can manage the collection of the subscriptions via Direct Debit and automate the production of welcome and missed payment letters.