Letter & Leaflet Printing

Do you need to ensure that a message gets to your patient, client or prospect and is read? With an average of every email user receiving 215 messages every day across their business and personal accounts it would very easy for your message to be missed. People filter their boxes and make a decision to read or delete based on the issuer and the title bar and that of course assumes the message has made it through the spam filter in the first place.

However, a physical printed letter that arrives on your desk or gets delivered your home is far harder to miss or ignore. A study by the Royal Mail in 2015 revealed some very interesting facts about how people interact with post –

• 39% of people have a dedicated display place in their house for post
• Adverting Mail is kept in the household for an average of 17 days
• Bills and Statements are retained for 45 days
• 82% of post is kept in the either the kitchen or living room
• 64% of people surveyed had opened a piece of mail and interacted with it

Our team of expert account manager will work with you on how you can format your letter and envelope to ensure your message is distributed in the most cost effective way. The envelope can be designed with graphics, logos and straplines that call people to action even before they open the letter. We can apply the recipient’s details to the envelope leaving the content generic or add the name and address to the content using a windowed envelope.

Once inside our ability to deliver variable print means that the content of the letter can be unique to each individual. Using the content of the data you supply, we can create formatting rules that ensure people only see what you want them to.

Furthermore, using our enclosing machines, you have the option of including additional leaflets and a reply envelope with the letter.