Order & E-Commerce Fulfilment

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Lets us help you become more efficient by saving your time and efforts to focus on what you do best. By choosing Nova Direct as your fulfilment partner, you can grow your business with real confidence.

Accessing the skills, resources and capacity of the Nova Direct team, we will receive your orders, select the required items, package them safely and dispatch them in a timely manner. Our team are committed to supporting your growth and building your reputation.

About E-commerce Fulfilment
E-Commerce & Order Fulfilment is storing, gathering, packaging and distributing a wide variety of products i.e. promotional gifts, products purchased by your customers, including sales made via your Amazon or eBay stores. This is of course a necessary function for many businesses but also quite time-consuming for those with stretched resources. As a result many companies decide to partner with Nova Direct as an order fulfilment provider.

This is because we have all the resources and expertise needed to perform this task far more efficiently, faster and economically than most smaller companies can on their own, preparing and shipping orders sometimes within minutes of an order being placed.

Nova Direct’s fulfilment service simplifies the distribution of your sales to your customers and potential customers, as well as providing support to your field reps, branch offices, franchise locations, dealers, etc.

Amazon & eBay order fulfilment

We accept clients of all sizes and requirements and have IT solutions which can be set up to distribute product as part of a special, one-time project or as part of an on-going service through mechanisms of your own e-commerce platforms or widely used front end such as Amazon and Ebay.

We also provide you with a customised eStore or web portal to simplify the order fulfilment process. Reports showing orders, shipments, inventory levels and other valuable data are regularly provided to keep you updated on the project’s status.

If your company needs to streamline or simplify your distribution of e-commerce (or actually even literature) let Nova Direct become your fulfilment partner.

As a single-source provider, we offer all the ordering and fulfilment capabilities needed to make your project run smoothly.