Case Studies

Case Study 1 – Business Sector

International Public Utility based in Europe

Solutions Provided:

  • Customer daily fulfilment contract
  • Printing of personalised contracts and letters
  • Storage in secure warehousing
  • ‘Pick and Pack’ mix for specific ad-hoc requirements
  • Stock management system with automatic re-order ‘triggers’
  • Secure on-line viewing of stock reports, letter templates etc. by customer

We designed and built a bespoke software system to process daily files received from the customer. Using this system, we laser print, enclose and mail any number of packs each day. There are currently over 500 different pack types, which can be requested each day. The system is capable of producing a number of fully customised reports to display exactly the information required. We can add or amend any of the letters. We produce stock warning reports which are self generated when stock levels fall below an agreed threshold.

We were asked to add a 4th brand to the 3 brands already set up on the system – this was a big project and involved creating from scratch, all elements of the existing system tailored to the new 4th brand, integrating the 4th brand into the report structures and adding a new suite of stock codes to the stock systems. We worked alongside the customer’s project implementation team to create a matrix, which would interface with the fulfilment software developed by us, and produce an electronic handshake into the Siebel system. The new part of the system was then fully tested using dummy data prior to the agreed implementation date.

Case Study 2 – Business Sector

Global Investment Group

Solutions Provided:

  • Processing of data files with bespoke software application
  • Reconciliation reporting
  • Unique data file format from financial system
  • Laser printing and enclosing matching documents
  • Stock management system with re-order triggers
  • Secure warehousing

We were asked to design and build a bespoke software system that could interrogate data output from the Bank of New York RUFUS system. The data interrogation process is able to extract the data required to print fund statements and tax vouchers even though the RUFUS system produces data in a unique format. The system then manipulates the data to standardise certain fields e.g. penny rounding up, and will then print the statements exactly as required.

Again this system has an inbuilt flexibility, which allows us to tailor reports and statements to our customer’s requirements.

Case Study 3 – Charity Sector

Major Charity

Solutions Provided:

  • Install window graphics advertising the charity in town and shopping centres
  • Benefits to the charity
  • Free Advertising
  • Branch and Brand awareness
  • Localised marketing message
  • Direct the public to the local branch or national website using QR codes

Nova Direct was asked to assist in installing window graphics in shop windows of properties that were vacant.  We arranged the printing and installation at numerous sites around the UK.  Promoting the charity at ground level.