CharityLine – Charity Services

Nova Direct Mail has worked with charities on fundraising campaigns for over 20 years. Over this period we have developed a deep understanding of charities and the help they need to ensure their campaigns are as efficient as possible. For more information about the services offered by CharityLine visit our dedicated website –

CharityLine is a dedicated division of the Nova Group that was formed in 2014 in response to an initiative started by Susan Piper, Lord Lieutenant of West Sussex. Under her LLVSSG program, she wanted to build closer working relationships between companies and charities operating in the county. The concept was beautiful in its simplicity, she wanted to develop two way relationships between the commercial and third sector to benefit both parties through sharing knowledge and skills. This exercise made us quickly realise that the things our commercial clients took for granted were sadly lacking in the charity world. Our commercial knowledge, experience and systems could deliver far more benefit on a much larger scale to charities than making the occasional donation ever could.

Core to our charity support work is a combination of education and consultancy. We have worked closely with the Institute of Fundraising South East Region and HAMSVA (Horsham and Mid Sussex Voluntary Action) to provide a range of training courses covering keys aspect of fundraising including –

  • Data Management
  • Campaign Planning
  • Gift Aid
  • Building a Monthly Giving Campaign
  • Project Funding

Through promoting the importance of maintaining clean data and allowing charities access to our data cleansing software, we have enable them to make collective annual savings in excess of £200,000.

Call one of our experts today to explore how we could help you –

  • Understand who your supporters are
  • Where to look for more supporters
  • How to make your campaigns more efficient
  • Introduce new donation methods

For more information visit the CharityLine official site at or call 01444 635000