Ecommerce Reporting & Stock Control

Control Stock levels

Businesses hold all manner of stocks from finished products to even raw materials. Having too high or too low a stock can harm your business.

We will ensure your business always holds sufficient stock levels to meet customer demand, while maintaining a minimum on site to limit risk, waste or unnecessary storage costs. Also, holding excessive stock levels involves having money lying around when it could be put to better use.

Conversely, having too low stock levels can result in not being able to take on and meet orders.

Ecommerce Reporting

Our reporting systems allow you a buffer as a preventative measure against low stock that can cause issues following variations in demand. In that instance a minimum level is below which stocks are set not to fall.

We will then advise you when your stocks require replenishing.

You have full control of your products, but not the strain with our reporting systems monitoring your stock.

Stock Control
Your on-line orders are linked directly to our in warehouse systems, allowing our staff to pick and pack at once, or alternatively we can receive spreadsheets of your latest orders. Our systems then warn us of low stock levels.

Your assigned Account Manager will review your stock and sales on a regular basis and will be in constant contact, managing your products, sending you weekly stock reports.

You then monitor and track your orders through our online portal.