Document Management

man with thousandds of document in mid air. Document Management main image

Here at Nova Direct we know how important it is to store your documents safely and to have access to them when you need them.  That’s why we have developed a secure document storage system for your documents and business critical data using our own bespoke IT systems.

This helps your business manage the risks associated with document security and the costs and challenges this brings.

We ensure your documents are kept secure on your behalf.  Our solutions include both Digital Document Scanning/Archiving and Physical Document Box Storage / Retrieval. This means you can have your documents stored in any way with the ability to access or retrieve them as required.

We know every business is different. As such we are happy to meet with you and discuss your business requirements.  Together we will ensure that the system works for your business.

Document Scanning

It makes sense to keep some of your documents more easily retrievable and we are happy to discuss your scanning requirements. Together with our Document Archiving, we can establish the documents that require scanning and those you don’t require as often which can be archived.

Using our bespoke IT system we will scan your documents making them more accessible to meet every level of demand.

We will maintain your inventory and keep its integrity using our high quality scanning and imaging solution for your business. As your business grows we will be on hand to help you manage your documents and allow you to concentrate on your business.

Bespoke Document Scanning Systems

We can ensure that our service tailors the needs of your business with our bespoke IT system that is easily adapted for your requirements.

Using our bespoke IT Intelligent Scanning system you can

  • Stream your Archive Management System
  • Scan and digitise new information
  • Digitise existing paper documents
  • On demand and daily scanning
  • Archive for maximum security and accessibility

Document Archiving

Not all the documents you have need to be retrieved on a regular basis and therefore document archiving is a must. Holding onto all this information at your own premises takes up precious space and staff hours. Why not let Nova Direct take the strain for you.

Box Storage and Retrieval

We can store your boxed documents within our safe and secure warehouse. We have excellent security systems in place and your boxes will be stored in an area assigned to your company with electronic inventory. Your boxed documents are always available for you to retrieve on demand. We will assess for you on an ongoing basis the cost of box storage v document scanning and advise if you should scan certain documents for ease of accessibility.