Direct Marketing Services

Nova Direct have well earned reputation as a quality providers of Direct Marketing Support. Our interconnected marketing services help ensure you communicate with the right people with the right marketing information and in a cost effective manner, building up your direct marketing programs with expert, considered action.

Marketing Data

We will analyse your customer data and learn who your real customers are (data profiling) and then provide a de-duped and high quality marketing mailing list of potential customers.

In addition we will mail to these people directly and also correctly gather prospective customer information from other additional sources such as forms, questionnaires surveys and coupons (data capture) and add this to a managed database of potential customer information (Data Warehousing)

Direct Marketing Data Quality

Our team of expert professionals are able to clean and sort data, ensuring better open and higher conversion rates. To ensure a return on investment and the quality of data, Nova Direct will

  1. Merge databases together,
  2. Remove duplicate record and
  3. Purge data bases of irrelevant rows, taking out those
    • On the Telephone, Mail and Fax Preference Services
    • Who have changed address
    • Deceased or on the bereavement register

Furthermore Our Software Developers will create interfaces to allow connection to almost any CRM system, providing statements and other automated sales related communications, with integration into established platforms such as eBay and Amazon.

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Marketing Design and Production

Once you have your target data, you need to send them the right message. Our production team will design your marketing messages and collateral using the right strategy to turn a lead into a sale.

Direct Mailing & Postal Discounts

With the right target data and the right message, Nova Direct’s Print and Mail services allow you distribute your marketing material using the best postal discounts.

Mail Campaign
Ongoing Support

With a successful direct mail campaign behind your business, you need to build on that success.

Nova Direct offer an array of database and membership management services that allow you to convert more clients and increase your profitability.


Up to
% connected with the business


Up to
% were influenced to buy online