Customer Contact

Campaigns are always best received when the content is relevant to the recipient. Let out data experts work with you identify key trends in your customers buying behaviours, avoid sending multiple letters to the same individual, errors in address information and extract obsolete records.

Our dedicated team will review your customer and prospect data closely. Every record will be reviewed against a database of 450m records seeking to identifying matches of known obsolete records. This screening process is possibly the single most effective way of boosting your return on investment of a campaign and generate savings in your marketing spend.

Address Validation

We understand that records being entered into your CRM system can be subject to human error. We have the ability to review the address information you have captured and validate it against the Royal Mails Postal Address File (PAF). This process ensures the correct street name, town, county and postcode are used to boost the delivery success and open up opportunities to generate savings on postage.

Contact Verification

On average, 10% of the UK population will move house in a year. During the chaos of moving, contacting every company and organisation that you have ever bought from or donated to is not always your highest priority. Through our AMIGO platform we can review the name and address information and ensure they are not contained in our suppression list of people we know have moved. For certain contacts we even have the ability to link the individual with their new address enabling you to remain connected.


Distributing letters to contacts that have deceased can cause the family members great distress. Running the data through our filter will identify these people and allow you avoid damaging your brands reputation with the family and save you money on including them in a campaign

Mail Preference Service (MPS)

20 years ago a database was established that allowed individuals to opt not to receive unsolicited direct mail. Communicating with prospects who have registered for the service who appear on this list carries serious repercussions for the company sending out the material. We can protect you from this by using our processes to identify and exclude these individual from your proposed campaign.

To see what our data experts can do to make your campaigns more efficient and ensure MPS compliant, call us today!

Marketing Design and Production

Once you have your target data, you need to send them the right message. Our production team will design your marketing messages and collateral using the right strategy to turn a lead into a sale.

Direct Mailing & Postal Discounts

With the right target data and the right message, Nova Direct’s Print and Mail services allow you distribute your marketing material using the best postal discounts.

Mail Campaign
Ongoing Support

With a successful direct mail campaign behind your business, you need to build on that success.

Nova Direct offer an array of database and membership management services that allow you to convert more clients and increase your profitability.


Up to
% connected with the business


Up to
% were influenced to buy online