Catalogue, Brochure and Postcard Distribution

Keeping in contact with existing clients and reaching out to new ones are vital steps that need to be taken when growing your business. Many businesses in the retail space complete this processes very successfully by using a combination of catalogues, brochures and leaflets. Each item has its unique purpose and distributed using the most appropriate method.

Based in Mid Sussex, Nova Direct Mail take the strain of this from your business, by printing or even customising your leaflets, catalogues or brochures to each of your customers, enclosing them in envelopes using our specialised insertion machine, and fulfilling them to their recipients, taking advantage of mail discounts.


Catalogues are a great way to show clients and prospects your full product range. They allow plenty of opportunities for your products to be displayed in combinations that encourage up selling. They are often retained in the targets home for weeks and therefore ensuring they are received in the best possible condition is vital.

Working with one of our dedicated account managers, we will work with you to confirm what packing is most appropriate. This could include –

Clear Plastic Wrapping
• Poly Wrapping for high volume
• Poly Bags for small volume

• Branded
• Plain
• Window and Non Window


As with a catalogue, a brochure allows you to present your products with possible upgrade or up sell products. However, they tend to focus on a specific product you are looking to promote through providing more detail.

Depending on the how heavy the paper is that is used and the number of pages the brochure contains will determine how best to send it. Our account t managers will work with you to develop a format and choose a paper that meets your distribution style. If an envelope is required we will work with you or your design team to ensure the envelope design meets with the complex requirements specified by Royal Mail to ensure the most efficient distribution options remain open.

Our production team have work with a number of clients to provide a variety of distribution finishes. We regularly prepare campaigns that include the following finishing styles –

• Sealed with a clear tab
• Enclosed in an envelope
• Sealed in a clear bag


If you are looking for a cost effective means to delivering a call to action or wanting someone to retain a reminder, then there is little better than the classic postcard. This timeless classic offers you one full A5 face and 2/3 reverse face for artwork.

The combination of size and paper weight allows the item to be distributed without any need for additional packaging. Our variable printing allow the message or content (such as a discount code) to be customised to the individual. You no longer need to offer everyone the same level of discount to encourage a purchase.