Marketing with Augmented Reality


Once again NoVAR-Augmented-reality teamed up at the Ipex 2014 to show how print is roaring back to life.

For the Inspiration Avenue at Ipex 2014, commencing this week, Konica Minolta and Konica Minotla and Nova Direct using Augmented Reality to bring Dinosaurs to life at Ipex 2014its customer Nova Direct will project a dinosaur onto the screen of an iPad or iPhone by identifying an image in a printed page. The companies hope that this is the start of visitors finding everyday uses for augmented reality.

Combining software normally reserved for children’s games with traditional printing, Konica Minolta plans to apply AR to everyday life, giving customers a more accurate picture of how a given object or, in this case, a dinosaur – would fit in to their perspective of space.

“Typically, people can see a 3D photograph online of an everyday object, but they’ve no way of easily knowing how it would fit in to the exact space at their home,” explains Andy Fry, managing director of Nova Direct. “By taking a printed sheet home, they can then put the sheet in the exact space they want the TV to go and then see it in the exact size and spot as it would appear in their home. The potential is enormous.”